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好看的伦理电影片  1. How do we confirm a truth that has arrived through disbelief and skepticism and not through some childlike wishing something were so.

  (尼采) 我们怎么能够确认一种事实在怀疑和不确定中诞生而不是由孩子似的愿望中诞生?

好看的伦理电影片  2. It is hard to be in God"s hands. It"s not truth. It is a child"s wish for the everlasting blow to the nipple. We have evolutionary theory, Evolutionary theory scientifically demonstrates God"s redundancy. So Darwin himself had not the courage to follow his evidence to its true conclusion. So-- where are we? Surely you must all realize we have created God-- and all of us together have killed him. God-- is dead.


好看的伦理电影片  3. Your extreme isolation is stressing itself, Streis our enemy. My task is to help you reduce strein your life.


  4. What you saw were his unconscious desires. Those that if they were liberated could scream for help in daylight. The goal of my talking cure is to liberate those buried desires, to allow the patient to ask for help--openly. But is "liberation Integration" the right term? Isn"t it "integration" that we are after? Integration of the unconscious with the conscious.

  你看到的是他潜意识里的欲望。如果被解放了,那么白天也可以请求帮助。谈话治疗的目标就是释放被压抑的欲望,让患者能够寻求帮助,公开的。那么,说成“整体释放” 。我们不是一直在寻找“整体”吗?用意识去综合潜意识 。

  5. Choose between comfort and the truth. Are they mutually exclusive? If you want to choose the pleasure of growth, prepare yourself for some pain.


  6. As death creeps closer, the value of life increases.

好看的伦理电影片  当死亡越来越近,生存的意义更加清楚 。

  7. Let me remind you of Goethe"s words. "Be a man. Do not follow me, but yourself, "


好看的伦理电影片  8. Life without passion, without mystery? Who can live such a life?

好看的伦理电影片  没有激-情的生活,没有神秘感?谁能过那样的生活?

  9. You"re lured to mystery. You"re lured to danger.

  你被神秘感所诱-惑,被危险所诱-惑 。

  10. Living safely is what"s dangerous.

好看的伦理电影片  安定的生活才是危险的。

  11. We must die. But at the right time. Death only loses its terror when one has consummated one"s life.


  12. But have you lived your life? Or have you been lived by it? You stand outside your life, grieving, for some life that you never lived.

好看的伦理电影片  但你是在过你的生活,还是活在你的生活里?你站在你的生活之外,为你从来没有过过的生活悲伤。

好看的伦理电影片  13. Maybe I could give you a thought. What if some demon were to say to you that this life, as you now live it, have lived it in the past, have lived it in the past, you would have to live once more but-- innumerable times more. There will be nothing new in it. Every pain, every joy, every unutterably small or great thing in your life would just return to you. The same succession, the same sequence, again and again, like an hourglaof time. Imagine infinity. Consider the possibility that every action you choose, Josef, you choose for all time. Then all--unlived life would remain inside you. Unlived, Throughout eternity, You like this idea? Do you hate it?


  14. Your duty is a sham. It"s the curtain you hide behind. To truly build your children, you build yourself. First. And as for your wife, let her break out from this prison you share. And be broken by it.

好看的伦理电影片  你的责任只是一场欺骗。是你用以藏身的窗帘。首先,你教育了你的孩子,你教育了你自己。对你妻子来说,把她从你和她的监牢里放出来,因此而伤心。

  15. To continue with the sense that I have not lived. That I have not tasted freedom.

好看的伦理电影片  继续我未曾经历过的感觉。未曾经历过的自由。

  16. Well, I was terrified by aging and death. I fought back but blindly. In desperation, I attacked my wife and sought rescue in the arms of one who had no rescue to give!


  17. My secret little ways of tolerating my aloneness. But I glorify it, don"t I?

好看的伦理电影片  我的小小的忍受寂寞的秘密。我美化了它,对吗?

  18. And what about the sadnebehind those tears? It"s not sadness. It"s such a relief. It"s such a relief! It"s the first time I"m revealing my loneliness. It"s melting. It"s melting away. It"s a paradox, Isolation exists only in isolation. Once shared, it evaporates.


好看的伦理电影片  19. "We"ll have friends,and have become strangers to each other, "This is as it ought to be. We are two ships, each of which has its goal and its course." "We have to become strangers to one another because it"s the law to which we are subject."

  我们会有朋友好看的伦理电影片,彼此之间会变成陌生人 ,理应这样. 我们是两只船,都有自己的目的地和路线。我们必须是陌生人,因为这是我们的规则。


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